Terms of use of DI-fusion


Any access to the works and data contained in DI-fusion implies the acceptance of the conditions of use mentioned below.
Access to DI-fusion is free of charge.

Intellectual property

ULB owns its institutional repository; the latter is protected, as a database, by the Belgian legislation on copyright and neighboring rights.
The works available on the institutional repository are also protected by the Belgian legislation on copyright and neighboring rights.


Any person may, without having to seek the authorization of the author or right-holder, for private use or for the purpose of illustration of teaching or scientific research, to the extent justified by the non-profit purpose, read, download or reproduce on paper or on any other medium, the articles or fragments of other works contained in the institutional repository, provided that:
  • The name of the author, the title and the complete bibliographic reference are cited;
  • The unique identifier assigned to the metadata in DI-fusion (permalink) is specified;
  • The content is not changed.
Works may not be stored in another database for the purpose of providing access to them; the unique identifier (permalink) specified in the metadata must always be used to give access to a work available in DI-fusion.
Any other use not covered by these terms requires the authorization of the author of the work or of the right holder.


Any person may, without having to request the authorization of ULB, for a non-profit purpose, harvest the metadata contained in the institutional repository, provided that the OAI identifier or a link to the metadata of the institutional repository of origin is indicated. Harvesting refers to collecting metadata (bibliographic descriptions) and storing them in a centralized database where metadata from various sources can be queried simultaneously. An "OAI identifier" is a persistent identifier assigned to metadata in digital repositories or archives that meet the OAI-PMH standard.

Any commercial use of the metadata, in any form whatsoever, requires the authorization of ULB.


ULB authorizes the user to create a hypertext link to the DI-fusion site, provided that the site establishing this link does not pursue any commercial purpose linked to the creation of this link, that it does not resort to the techniques of "framing" and "inlining" and/or does not contain any defamatory or other illegal content.

Image right

The use or reproduction of the image of a person represented on this site is subject to prior authorization from that person.


Personal data collected in connection with DI-fusion are processed in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.


ULB is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information contained on its website or for any damage resulting from the use of it.
ULB is not responsible for the content of the sites it mentions, nor for the use that may be made of them. However, it undertakes to remove as soon as possible the hypertext link to a site from which it would learn that the content is illegal.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The University reserves the right to pursue any breach of these terms of use.
Any use of this site is subject to Belgian law.
Any dispute relating to the use of this site or its content is the exclusive competence of the Courts of Brussels.
[Version 2  DI-fusion terms of use - January 2015]