This service allows another person to encode your publications and to use the services to which you have access (creating lists of publications, etc ...) in My DI-fusion.
  • To be a delegate, the person must be able to authenticate  in My DI-fusion and therefore be under contract at ULB (including the administrative staff of the University).
  • The request is to be sent using the form below; you will receive a confirmation request by email and the authorization will be implemented only after receiving your confirmation
  • When the delegation is activated, you and your delegate will be informed by email and the delegate will be able to authenticate himself/herself with his/her ULBID in My DI-fusion.
  • Publications encoded by the delegate will appear in your My DI-fusion environment. 
  • You retain the ability to authenticate yourself in My DI-fusion at any time. 

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Would you like to cancel a delegation permission?
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