You can use the purchase suggestion form in Cible+ to suggest books (in paper or electronic format) you would like the ULB libraries to buy, whether or not they relate to your studies. Please note that it will be up to the relevant librarian to decide whether to act on your suggestions, and that only publications in line with our collection development policy will be accepted.

You will be sent an e-mail notifying you of the librarian's decision.

How do I suggest a book to purchase?

By completing the form in the "Purchase request" tab from the research screen in Cible+, after signing in:

Who can suggest a purchase?

Any reader registered with the ULB libraries except for the teaching and academic staff.
The teaching and academic staff has its own purchasing tool which is Acoue.

Time required to obtain documents

We cannot guarantee that documents will be obtained within a certain period of time, as it depends on the supplier or publisher. However, bear in mind that you should allow at least one month for a resource to be available at the library. You will receive an e-mail once your suggestion is available.

If your request is urgent, we suggest using the Inter-library Loan (ILL) system instead.