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The Inter-library Loan (ILL) system enables you to obtain books and articles that are not available at ULB (after checking in Cible+) from other libraries and documentation centres in Belgium or abroad. Caution: Verify the fees!

How do I request an ILL?

By completing the form in the "ILL request" from the research screen in Cible+, after logging in.

Who can request an ILL?

Document supply costs

Belgium Abroad
Book loan  €6.20 / title €12.40 / title
Articles / Book chapters €6.20 / title

FREE for university community members in 2023-2024.
€10.00 / title

FREE for university community members in 2023-2024.

How do I pay?

The document supply costs can be paid at the loan desks (S&SAME) in the Libraries or by bank transfer to the PIB bank account (as indicated in the email containing the link to an article or a book chapter).

If the PIB fees are covered by your department, you can send us a green voucher ("bon vert") via internal mail (PIB – CP 180; PIB ERASME – CP 607).

Time required to obtain documents

Belgium Abroad
Book 1 week 1 to 3 weeks
Article 1 day or more 1 day or more
The ILL system cannot be held responsible for document delivery times.

How will I receive the document?

  • Books: to be collected at the loan desk (S&SAME) of the library you selected as the pickup location in the request form. They will be lent to you for a period of one month (apart from exceptional cases).
  • Articles or chapters: a link to the file will be sent to you by e-mail.
Publications may only be taken home if the lending libraries have agreed to it.

Terms of use

In accordance with Belgian copyright law (in French), reproductions of articles or parts of works sent to you may only be used for personal research or teaching purposes; they may not be communicated to third parties or distributed in any way whatsoever.

Are you a Belgian or foreign library / institution?

Belgian libraries and institutions that are not members of the Impala network, as well as foreign libraries and institutions, can send their requests directly to

Document supply costs

Libraries in Belgium Libraries abroad
Book loan One IFLA voucher or IMPALA rate 2 IFLA vouchers (Europe)
3 IFLA vouchers (Outside Europe)
Copies of articles One IFLA voucher or IMPALA rate 1 IFLA voucher (Europe)
2 IFLA vouchers (Outside Europe)


Campus du Solbosch
Human sciences library
building NB, level 2, room NB.2.246

Phone : 02/650.39.60
Email :

Mailing adress
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Prêt inter-bibliothèques
Avenue F. Roosevelt 50 - CP 180
1050 Bruxelles

Location - Health sciences
Campus Erasme 
Health sciences library
Building D

Phone : 02/555.46.89
Email :

Mailing address
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Bibliothèque des sciences de la santé
Route de Lennik, 808 - CP 607
1070 Bruxelles

More information
Inter-library loans in health sciences