The libraries provide an article scanning service for some of the journals they have in paper format..
This service is offered after confirming that the resource is not in our electronic collections.

The procedure is simple:
  • Go to Cible+
  • Log in using your ULBID and the associated password, called "QuIdAM password"
  • Identify the document you are interested in
  • Documents that can be scanned are identifiable by the presence of the "Digitization" button in the "Get it" box
  • Click and complete the form with the details of the document required (indicate the pages you require)
  • Click on "Send digitization request". A message confirming your request appears in Cible+.
  • The library will send you the scan as soon as possible, via a download link in an e-mail.
Are you a student? Please note, you only have access to this service for journal articles which are not freely accessible.
Please note: this scanning service is not available to students for the Law library journals.

Are you an academic, researcher or PhD candidate? Please note that the Simone Veil Human Sciences Library and the Architecture Library only offer this service for journal articles that are not freely accessible.
For the Law Library, the number of scanned pages is limited to 40 and the number of simultaneous requests allowed is 5 per person, exclusively in connection with your research and teaching activities at ULB.

Are you an external reader?  Please note that you have access to this service only for journal articles that are not freely accessible. A paper copy (not a scan) can be provided by the S&SAME service at the Library where the journal is held, for the price of the printout - €0.10 per page in most libraries.

For all general enquiries, please refer to Question? The S&SAME service at your library is also there to help you.