DI-fusion can be used to extract various lists of publications to complete an application for an FNRS call for proposals, a funding application for a research project, etc.

Publications list from My DI-fusion ?

ULB researchers and doctoral students can extract a list of publications using the  My DI-fusion encoding interface.

The left menu provides shortcuts to your publication lists. These lists reflect what is encoded in DI-fusion a few minutes after the references have been added, modified or deleted. The following lists can be exported:
  • FNRS general
  • FNRS doctoral mandat
  • FNRS equivalent publications
  • ULB CV-like list
  • Custom list
Full details, in particular for the CV-ULB and FNRS lists, are available in the online help (in French).
Example of CV-ULB list

Exemple de liste CV-ULB   


Publication lists: file status at a glance!

When the display links to full text option is selected - which is the case, for example, in lists intended to be used as input for an application to the FNRS - for each file submitted, the list displays a logo representing the access associated with the file:
Internet access
Intranet ULB access
Private access
Duration of embargo if applicable; example: blocked until 2019-06-22

Publications list from DI-fusion ?

Anyone can retrieve a list of publications from the DI-fusion search interface, by clicking on the next to the authors' names and select the necessary information.
DI-fusion list request form
Obtenir une liste de publications à partir de DI-fusion ?

This form can also be used to contact (if an email address is known to our system) the author of a reference by clicking on the envelope Contacter un auteur de l'ULB .

List of publications for a research unit ?

DI-fusion can be used to extract a deduplicated list of the publications of a group of people working at ULB (research centre, etc.). To obtain this list, please contact :
Support DI-fusion

We need the following information:
  • A title for the group
  • The first and last names of the members
You can also specify whether you need a list of "All publications" or, for example, "Only articles from the last 5 years", etc...

Display a list of publications on the web?

It is possible to display lists of publications for an individual or a group on a website, blog, etc ...

There are several ways of doing this:
  • a permanent URL leading to a PDF file of all the publications of a person at ULB
    • Faculty of Science : display of the PDF in the integrated viewer. The file will not be updated automatically. You will have to upload a new file regularly to get the latest updates.
    • Faculty of Public Health (Clicking on CR1, CR2, etc. takes you to a page with links in the right-hand column): a link to the PDF is displayed. This is not integrated into the viewer, but each time you click on the link, the updated version of the PDF is displayed.
  • a permanent URL to the publications of a "surname + first name" encoded in DI-fusion. This does not work for a group.
  • Easy to implement integration: Lists in HTML format
  • Integration requiring the intervention of an IT specialist: Lists in XML format