• Bibliometrics
  • Visibility and digital presence
  • Creating a unique identifier ORCID


Bibliometric indicators are used to measure the impact of an article (number of citations), of a journal (impact factor), or of all publications by a researchers (e.g. h-index).

Principaux indicateurs bibliométriques  Main bibliometric indicators

Visibility and digital presence

Increasing the visibility of your article by making it widely accessibly can increase its citation potential. Uploading your publications in open access and creating a profile on Google Scholar and other social networks increases your visibility and your digital presence as a researcher, and helps you develop your network of contacts and collaborators.

Creating a unique identifier ORCID

ORCID  (pronounced "orkid" for "Open Researcher and Contributor ID") is a non-profit organisation that provides permanent digital identifiers to researchers. Several hundred institutions, publishers and research funders support this organisation 

Variations in researchers’ name spellings and affiliations can result in multiple entries in databases, which harms the researchers’ visibility and unique identification, especially when calculating bibliometric indicators.

Creating a unique digital identifier on ORCID can solve this problem, as -unlike other identifiers- an ORCID identifier is not limited to a specific discipline or publisher and may be used with all systems and all types of platform, whether open access, commercial, or non-commercial.

ORCID provides researchers with a unique digital identifier and a mechanism to link their research results and activities to this identifier.

ORCID@ULB: The ULB academic authorities encourage you to create your ORCID iD.

You now have the possibility to create your ORCID iD via DI-fusion or synchronise your existing ORCID profile with DI-fusion.
  • Your ORCID iD will be integrated in your DI-fusion profile and in your publication lists; 
  • The URL of your list of publications from DI-fusion will be displayed in your ORCID profile; 
  • Your ULB affiliation will be validated in your ORCID profile (Employment).
In this way, ULB contributes to the generalisation of the use of ORCID among their members. The objective is to improve the quality of digital information related to the university's scientific research, to give more visibility to their members' publications and to continue to support their researchers in terms of digital visibility.

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